Wednesday, 15 October, 2008

USB Webmail Notifier

Check out this fun gadget that will help you keep track of your emails, The USB Webmail Notifier. The USB Webmail Notifier measures 74 x 30 47mm and weighs 62g, it is powered by USB and will work with your gmail, yahoo, outlook, outlook express and POP3 email accounts.

Tuesday, 16 September, 2008

Review Route 66 Maxi Europe

In recent weeks, we were able to try another field GPS navigator.This is the Route 66, in versions Maxi and Mini with maps Europe and Italy (we focus on first for review).

The premise for our tests we had the written in a previous post, I remember the salient points.Ease of use, precision nell’indicazione position, clear directions to the path and, not least, maps updated.Then complete the budget guidance on speed cameras, points of interest, TMC system and possibly bluetooth.

Crystal Clear Watch Cool Gadget: feminine design at a price masculine

If you have not abandoned the old custom of healthy and wristwatch cool gadget for mobile, can you like this female Crystal Clear Watch by Philippe Stark. Especially because it’s a little electronic clock and another little bracelet, and although it is not very clear (Clear), has a glass display in bright red and pretty electronic and cool gadget. If you ask what price is a male, according to the SAR apocryphal is the one who has a gadget for women who are willing to buy him a man.

The contest Peugeot car of the future

This cool latest gadgets design recalls a little bug that led to Will Smith in I, Robot, unjustly vilified by fans Asimov, albeit with a touch of Mad Max, with that gigantic propeller truncacuellos. This futuristic concept car crazy gadget, nicknamed Blade and created by Ying Hui Choo, is part of Peugeot design competition. It asked contestants to create vehicles for the “City of the Future”, whatever you’re mean that. They electronic gadget had to put special emphasis on “social harmony”, the “mobility interactive” and “environmental concerns”. Blade mejora la eficiencia con la turbina mencionada y con la baterĂ­a electrica que va a bordo. Blade improving the efficiency with turbine and referred to the battery that goes on board. More designs after the jump.

Home Cinema Pioneer Reviews

Pioneer is a home cinema projector sextends its home cinema portfolio with four latest coolest systems that stijlbolle KURO flat screen TV’s perfect complement.The coolest gadgets LX01BD, LX03BD and LX08BD build on the success of the LX01 last year and his first home Pioneers systems with a Blu-ray Disc player. e LX01BD has a Blu-ray Disc player with 1080p true 24 frames per second movie reflects, in addition to a dual-drive subwoofer-receiver and four 3-dimensional shaped satellite speakers. The LX03 contains a DVD player, SACD / DVD-Audio weather and is equipped with compact satellite speakers, like the LX03BD. he LX08BD finally can be supplemented with a high number of 5.1 speakers.

X-Fi Go

Creative Cool Gadgets has once again what devised: the Sound Blaster Cool Gadgets X-Fi Go! That seems somewhat to a USB MP3 player, but is a portable sound card for your notebook or PC Cool New Gadgets. The sound get 3D dimensions and to the USB Cool Gifts stick you will also find a variety of useful software, including a real karaoke player.

First 3M sneak Pocket Size Projector

The new technology of first pocket projector is now here for you.3M sneak pocket size projector is baby isn’t going to light up things on the performance front but it is a pocket-sized projector and that’s good enough for us, for now. At least until we see the first wave of tiny devices based on the higher spec miniature DLP Pico chipset arrive in early 2009. This new gadget will come to you in few weeks. DLP inventors Texas Instruments have been pushing a tiny one around the various trade shows but now, from left field, 3M is about to launch the first actual pico projector after some time.